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The Space Ethics Library is a living resource compilation of material for reading, listening, watching, and thinking about space ethics. The library is curated by a team of early career space professionals on a volunteer basis, motivated by the vision of a more equitable, inclusive, sustainable, and meaningful space future.

What do we mean by space ethics?

We use ‘space ethics’ here to mean the ethics of how we conduct space exploration and why. This involves many intersecting considerations of how we conduct activities in space as well as on Earth, the impact they have, and what that means for life back on Earth, now and in the future. As such, space ethics cover everything from scientific exploration, planetary protection, and privatization and commercialization, to settlements, extraterrestrial life, and long-term futures in space.

Contact with extraterrestrial Life

Think we’re missing something?

This library is constantly evolving and is a collective effort. If there are things you think we’ve missed, or anything that you think needs amending, please get in touch with us!